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This monitoring software is made to be advanced, yet easy to use. Amonitoring is A-Quality, and one of the most used computer monitoring software around the globe. We can proudly say that Amonitoring is used in over 50 countries, and not without a reason! It is used by companies, universities, schools for student and employee monitoring. Also small offices and home users make use of it. That shows the versatiliy.

Then what exactly makes Amonitoring better than other surveillance software? It is easy to use and can be used by anyone. It has all the options you need and can be used in all windows environments. We use a new, efficient and safe method of information storage, and you get quality support as an individual until you're satisfied!

Here below you can see some of the features.


Shows individual live reports of online users and employees individually. The live reports will show:


  • Screenshots which is efficient traffic and memory usage.
  • Username, Location, IP Address, Current activities, Last visited website, Amount of visited websites.
  • Process Manager: Shows all processes and allows you to kill a process.
  • Application Usage: Frequently used appplications graph.
  • Window Manager: Shows currently open windows and currently running applications.

Overview Amonitoring

Browsing and Web usage monitor

  • Browsing History with title and date. (Table)
  • Frequently visited websites graph
  • Top 10 visited websites table
  • Block / unblock websites for individual user.
  • Blocked websites for this user and failed attempts to visit blocked websites.

Browsing and web usage


The keylogger is advanced and can show live typing and still be efficient. It allows to search or filter logs by keywords and search logs by date. Not only keylogs get recorded, but also the ClipBoard. It is an intelligent keylogger which means it will also show the date, and can recognize in which screen something is typed. Printing or saving selected keylogs over a period is possible.

Keylogs and clipboard


View, save or delete screenshots that are saved locally. It is possible to put this feature off in the settings tab. Changing the frequency of which screenshots are taken is also possible to your desire.



Shows user specific system logs.

  • File and Folder Events (create, change, delete)
  • User Logs: Showing where someone logged in/off and at what time. This is perfect for an working environment, school, office or even home where you can see on which computers employees or students are logged in. It works perfectly in a any Network or LAN where each user / student / employee has his own name.

System and user logs

Remote Desktop or Screenviewer

To check what the client computers are doing and follow everything in realtime. It allows text input and also mouse input. The computer is totally under your control while the user can watch.

Remote Desktop

Group Statistics

There is a tab that shows the live statistics of everyone that is monitored. Information of each user or employee is compared with our special algorithm. This board makes it able to see directly the important events. The statistics page shows:

  • How many users are online / offline or getting monitored in total.
  • Amount of websites that are visited and the average website visits per day.
  • Which user / employee visits most websites and what amount.
  • Who is most online (active) and idle.
  • Who is most active / productive with a calculated percentage.
  • Top 10 online users
  • Top 10 websites visited (Graph and Table)
  • Most used programs and applications
  • Websites that are visited currently by all users (Live!)

Statistics Statistics2

Scheduled reports

Scheduled Reports: You can choose on what interval to get automatically reports, and you will get reports for each user that you add. Although this is just an extra. It is also possible to report manually, and view the information at any time.

Monitoring Settings

  • Stealth: Run the program hidden without icon, task manager programs showup and nothing in the taskbar.
  • Website blocking Settings: Block and unblock website to multiple users or individuals. It is possible to block all domains from a website. The effect is directly noticable.
  • Custom website block text: Allows you to enter a custom messag that appears on the blocked websites instead of the original website. (html/scripts allowed). This even allows to link to your own website instead of an 'Access Denied' page.
  • Screenshot Interval: Put the screenshot viewer off, or change the interval to 1, 10, 30, 60 minutes.
  • Memory Usage Control: Increase or decrease the memory usage according to the speed of the client computers.
  • Alter log intervals: Choose how often you want to receive logs.
  • Log cleaning: Empty the logs and collected data. This can be scheduled.
  • Assign location names: Add location or computername for an IP address.

monitoring settings

Chat, Filetransfer and Screenshot Share

Instant Chat with the users that are online in the monitoring software. This is an option that is unique.
There is also file transfer from two sides with permission (for security reasons).
You, or the client computer can even take a screenshot and directly share it with one click. This also counts for images that get copied in the clipboard.

Amonitoring Chat client

Client Control

These are remote options that can be executed again individually or in mass for all online users and give a certain degree of control.

  • Disconnect: Close the user's connection and stop monitoring until next login.
  • Uninstall: Uninstall the software from the computer.
  • Log off computer
  • Restart computer
  • Shut down computer
  • Update - Automatically update the monitoring software on new versions on the client computers.

client control

Send Message

Send Message Sends a messagebox to one or multiple online users. It pops up on the client computers.

Send Message

Client Builder

The builder allows you to create an executable file that you only need to run on a computer in order to add it to the monitoring list. The builder allows you to add a client within 2 clicks. Other than other tracking software, our software can be used by anyone and does not require manually ip adding. You just need to run the executable which can be built within 10 seconds or literally within 2 mouse clicks. Some options in the builder:

  • Add to startup: the client computers gets also monitored after computer startup.
  • Disable taskmanager
  • Hide Program files / System folder
  • Disable CMD, RegEdit, MsConfig
  • Disable custom process

Client Builder

Free Custom solutions

We even offer free custom solutions and modified versions to the needs of our customers. This includes free feature requests. Are you missing a feature? Please contact us, so we can add it to 'Amonitoring' Monitoring Software.

Easy Installation

Our surveillance software is usable by anyone, even without computer skills! But are available at any time to come over teamviewer and offer support. Because we don't see you are a number and we treat each customer as an individual, we also deliver free installation if needed and make sure everything is working.

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