Monitor your Employees, Students or Children with 'Amonitoring' Monitoring Software. We have exactly what you need. From detailed web usage statistics to user performance graphs and full computer control with the Remote Administrator. Get a sight and full control of what is happening on your Network with our monitoring software.

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Monitoring Software

Amonitoring, Internet Monitoring Software and surveillance software can track all the computer activity and actions on your network and LAN. Our company offers the complete set of software to have control over your computers in an all-in-one and easy to use software. We track, filter, report and allow you to monitor your computers.

With amonitoring you can always have a sight on what is going on in your LAN. We included advanced features yet succeeded to maintain it as lightweight as possible. Features like remote screenviewer, keylogger and web usage monitor make it easy to always have an eye watching. Together with live statistics, and automatic reporting it is easy to see what is happening in real time on the computers in a single view.

Amonitoring is the easiest to use tracking software with a setup time of less than a few minutes. It takes literally 2 mouse clicks to set it up and add a computer to minitor. Anyone, even without computer knowledge is able to use amonitoring. You do not require to have an advanced monitoring server. Everything will work from even a normal laptop or desktop.

Employee monitoring

Our software is very often used by managers to monitor employees during working hours and increase productivity. Increase your profits, and secure your business with Amonitoring. It is coded in a new language and it does not use complex databases, which means means that it is very lightweight and efficient with a large amount of users. Employers can now see everything what is going on and flag on time before bad things could happen. Employee monitoring software has never been that easy before. Ading client computers to monitor can be done within a few mouse clicks. All Windows computers can be monitored and there is not need for special high-end servers or databases. The manager's computer can function as a server and do not even need to be on all the time.

It is perfectly fittable in a big company with hundreds of computers, as well as medium or small offices.
employee monitoring

Student monitoring

Also schools and universities use our monitoring software to monitor students. If a student uses the a computer that has installed the surveillance system for the first time, there will be automatically automatically an account for that student. There are some universities that use our software with thousands of students. Our system has proven itsself on this area to be one of the best.
monitor children

Parental control

Do you want to monitor your children? Our software will help you do this. Set restrictions, view the web history, view keylogs,, and screenviewer are the most used features that are used by parents. See in real time what your children are doing and make changes where needed. Blocking website happens also in real time and the effects are noticable within a second.
monitor student

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